Is it worth to date West Midland Escorts

I don’t know why you are asking because it should be perfectly obvious why I only date West Midland escorts. A lot of gents seem to date their way around the world, but I like to savor my West Midland escorts. To me, there is something really special West Midland babes and I just love the way elite escorts in this town look after their dates. I first started to date in West Midland a few years ago, and now I don’t anywhere else. The escorts in West Midland are not like the escorts anywhere else in the world, and that is why I date them.


West Midland Girls


First of all I have a fascination with big boobs, and it is only in West Midland that I can find what I am most fond of. You see, I am one of these guys who hate anything fake, and fake looking ladies are not for me. I have found that there are many West Midland escorts who are proud of being natural. No implants and no enhancements – that is what I look for in escorts. Many other escorts, especially American girls, have everything fake and that really turns me off. I would rather wait until I can see my natural West Midland escorts.


Why fake?


I don’t understand why everything has to be so fake these days. You get ladies who have fake lips and fake tits – to be honest I don’t want any of that, and this is what make West Midland escorts so special to me. There is absolutely nothing fake about West Midland escorts, and even their personalities are real. If you date in places like the United States, I often find that many ladies even put on fake personalities. That really gets on my nerves, and I just end up feeling used and abused. At the end of the day I am paying to enjoy the pleasure of your company, but who are you really???


Real People


Overall I like being in West Midland as I feel that it is full of real people. So many places around the world now seem to be full of plastic people and fake lives. When I am not in West Midland, I often withdraw into my own little world. I enjoy my books, my art and good music. When I come to West Midland, I allow myself to live and feel. Dating West Midland ladies make that experience even more real, and I just love the feeling of being free to think and feel.


Working as an international business person is not easy, and you most certainly need down time. That is what I allow myself when I come to West Midland, and I make the most of my time there. I often arrange a date as soon as I get off the plane, and within a few minutes of my arrival, the girl is at my door. It is the sweetest and most exclusive room service in the world, and I always enjoy better than anywhere else. For me there is only one way to date, and that is with the hottest babes in West Midland.

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